Despite their lack of large life, dimensional domains communicate many important facts about physical, rational, and you may religious truth

This is why, he is value detail by detail studies and you can data. Below are a few of the things the true CoDD investigation of TDVP shows on dimensional domains:

Age. Schwartz and you may Yards

Within the domain names having 1 due to step three size, ranges are measured, and you may phenomena was discussed, with regards to integer multiples off Genuine (quantum equality devices) of your CoDD. Even so they need to be counted and you may explained in terms of integer multiples of imaginary wide variety in domain names with 4 as a consequence of six dimensions, along with terms of integer multiples out of certain complex wide variety, known as the nth origins of unity, in the domains which have eight or higher dimensions. So it unitary move from integers so you’re able to imaginary amounts, so you can advanced wide variety are mathematically necessary for an everyday quantized description of your own rotation and projection of geo-centric dimensional domains toward hyper-dimensional domains. Proof it is seemingly upright-give utilising the CoDD and application of the brand new Pythagorean Theorem. The new Evidence, translated to the conventional effortless mathematical notation, has been authored in lot of guides and you will files, many of which try listed in several blogposts: Sources . I telephone call the whole process of rotation and you will expansive projection from just one dimensional domain on second you to, Dimensional Extrapolation whilst demonstrates ways both consciousness and real reality build.

Last year, the original CoDD data Used to do, playing with Real quantum arithmetic, would be to identify in detail the mixture from quarks in order to create protons, brand new sub-nuclear organizations one, together with electrons, setting the stable building blocks of your sheer elements of unexpected desk. What i located, are alarming, regardless of if something similar to it has to were questioned regarding the second I integrated understanding on the definition of might differences of top calculus for the 1986 to possess software from the quantum scale out of actual fact. You to advancement is the presence of several occurrences off Correct units off low-bodily gimmel in the centre from physical fact, an unignorable signal off awareness – virtually this new fingerprints out-of Jesus popping up to the very numerous steady object of the real market, new proton. Find footnotes actually Starts with Consciousness, Neppe and you may Close (2011) and you will my part from the AAPS Frequency I, very first version titled Are Consciousness Top? Edited because of the Drs G.

Triadic Rotational Equipment out-of Equality (TRUE) was defined because of the size and amount of the brand new free electron, attaching new quantum math of your own CoDD so you’re able to bodily facts, and you can Dimensional Extrapolation was a statistical processes analogous into mindful course, by rotation and you may projection, of a keen letter-dimensional domain to your an enthusiastic letter+step one dimensional website name. The look of gimmel regarding CoDD True investigation of the mixture of two up-quarks and one off-quark in order to create a proton, along with connections the analysis so you can understanding, getting a foundation for the combination away from consciousness, spirituality, and you will actual reality.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domains are geometrical models one to originate about logical structure off awareness and also zero lifestyle of one’s own. A website is defined from the number of dimensions had a need to determine it, although number of proportions in addition to extent of these dimensions are entirely dependent on the latest domain’s articles of bulk, time, and you may gimmel. Into the services to describe relativistic outcomes, physicists and you will technology publishers will determine room or spacetime are warped, rounded, otherwise distorted from the bulk. But there is no such as point due to the fact curved otherwise altered place, date, spacetime, or any hyper-dimensional region. Curvilinear pathways of moving stuff are caused by the fresh shipments out-of the occurrence regarding material within a website. This is really what’s identified inside modern physics given that a great community.

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