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>How’s they heading? I understand this is certainly a long sample, however, what are of every university otherwise >place one to shows one simple tips to cam Sumerian? Thank you for some time.

>I have a question: was Sumerian related with the fresh Ural Altaic languages, >or with the Indo-european dialects? > >Cannot here occur any relatives anywhere between Sumerian plus the semitic >code family relations?

>In my rather basic examination of your own unbelievable >performs, I realized several conditions which could be construed >due to the fact economic systems out of scale; gur, a good unit from frequency around >comparable to twenty-six bushels, kug otherwise ku, gold otherwise currency, and you can gin or >gig, a small axe head utilized once the currency more or less equivalent to a great shekel. >Performed the Sumerians possess a familiar unit out of monetary replace > 2400 to 2300 BC and you will, therefore, what was they?

All of our documents is more preferable to your Ur III several months undertaking 2100 BC than for the outdated Sumerian Ur II, Girsu/Lagash/Adab several months that you mention. Regarding Ur III months we have tablets from different locations and moments that give the gold alternatives of various amounts of other merchandise. Toward period you talk about, I understand that there was standardized weights and you may strategies, although they was quite not the same as the new after months.

Truth be told there appears to be particular slight family relations ranging from Sumerian and you may one another Ural-Altaic and you can Indo-Western european

>i am a recently available pupil in the 9th degree. i am undertaking reveal browse papers. >and i try wanting to know in the event the you realized exactly who ideal leader is of the sumerians.

That would apt to be Queen Shulgi of your own 3rd Dynasty of Ur. He reigned getting 47 ages while in the a time of great prosperity, off 2094 to help you 2047 B.


>Exactly what factor would be made available to the truth that around three clay tablets >that contains sumerian pictographs minichat free app fashioned with regional clay , but a thousand decades >more than the eldest pills used in Mesopotamia , can be found in a local >where the nearby towns and cities features sumerian brands , URASTIE , >SIMERIA ; KUGIR ? How is it possible you to sumerian organizations have moved >because much northern as the west Rumania ?

They probably was the situation one specific very early Sumerian-sound system regarding the Samarra culture produced their method north in the place of southern area.

The language that you quotation perform use the same mixture of consonants and vowels since the Sumerian, however, I’d along with see if you can obtain her or him out of smoother Sumerian conditions, as you are able to into real Sumerian lexicon.

Maybe you have decided to go to Fred Hamori’s website that produces many evaluations out of Sumerian so you’re able to Uralic and you may Altaic language? There can be a link to they around the base from my personal mesopotamian links.

I am regularly brand new Vinca people ‘writing’, discussed by the Marija Gimbutas in her guides together with subject away from a beneficial 1973 UCLA doctoral dissertation from the Milton McChesney Winn. There had been from the 200 symbols used by the latest Southeast Europe Chalcolithic culture. But just such as the Indus people program, they mostly are present into ceramic. Yourself, In my opinion that they are heraldic family emblems, rather than tries to bring speech during the created signs. They’re not just like Sumerian composing.

> Sure , new Tartaria pills are part of the fresh “Vinca” community , and that i >have always been regularly Maria Gimbutas remarkable works , but i have so you’re able to differ >along with your conclusion that people around three clay tablets “commonly sumerian composing” . > I cannot explain the parallels , nevertheless the truth is which they consist of >pictograms definitely the same which have those found in the Djemet-Nasr , they >is actually carbon old one thousand many years in advance of , and they are made from local clay . And you will >they of course try clay pills , undoubtedly about it , included in a burial place , >and very not the same as the greater number of well-known ceramic symbols discovered >during the southeastern Europe , both in form plus form . > The problem is that addition regarding merely these about three tablets in the >”Vinca” community looks , graphically , pushed by >shortage of a far greater need , a special situation being the clear >separation and you can faraway keeping new pills off >the others ( when they indeed get into good proto-mediterranean culture , >more widespread than it is ascertained now ) .

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